Risk of bankruptcy,increase the new Corona in a production stop or business office pause

The factory of the world, also known as population of 14 billion people of the largest consumer market in China, Japanese companies number of expanding. China・Wuhan city and is a source of new coronavirus infection of expansion to a halt from without, the Chinese economy is in a state of stagnation in the Japanese a lot of the factory stop and the Office, store a pause trapped in patterns. The world’s factory and consumption market as the manufacture and sale of integrated’s, China’s economic activity to the stagnation of the Japanese companies hit been in that situation.

10 October,Tokyo Shoko Research in 2020 is 1 month of”risk”related to the bankruptcy of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution’s Consortium for understanding and sustaining a biodiverse planet. 20 years 1 months of”risk”related to the bankruptcy decreased by 200. 0%to 6 projects in 2 months year-on-year outperformed.

In this report risk is the bankruptcy of the cause of the following 8 items which apply to you. 1. High costs(labor cost,manufacturing cost rises,exchange rate fluctuations, etc.), 2. Quality problem(defective products, counterfeit products, China products, distrust, etc.), 3. Management and labor problems(strikes,plant closures, etc.), 4. Accounts receivable recovery difficult,5. China’s economic slowdown(the stock price downturn, China’s consumption slowdown, the inbound downturn, etc.), 6. The anti-Japanese problem(non-buyer transactions, reduction, riot, etc.), 7. Price competition(market price, cheap products and conflicts, etc.), 8. Other.

19 annual year-on-year 25. 0%to 36 cases last year were below 20 years, 1 month increased significantly to 19 years 1 months 2 out of 3 times increase. The total debt is about 7 million 2800 million yen and 19 years 1 month 11 billion 9800 million yen was below. The number, Total Liabilities, and also 18 years 1 month 7 Day,28 million 2100 million yen below the exit, see the new Corona-related effects is what prolonged is concerned.

This is for local labor costs soaring, such as”high cost”, low cost products and by competition the”competition”factor of the bankruptcy, but the current status is modalities different. Specific examples of the eco-spot・solutions is the waste import restrictions were strengthened and trade is shrinking for the bankruptcy factor. Recycling services waste paper is import restrictions and domestic waste paper prices decline in the management of hit. New Corona other than the risk of the changes can be seen.

The report”regulatory changes in addition to the”new coronavirus”infection of the damage spread not only in Japan but in the world impact on companies and the government. The year 2020 is China, and trading focus of the risks to be known,”and the United States. From China’s direct impact, not only the Chinese economy, stagnation of the global economy to slow down the entire Japanese economy to the impact that risk to the attention. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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