Ritsu Saito misses All Japan weight distinction hospitalized for hernia

The All Japan Judo Federation [All Judo Federation] announced on March 17 that Tatsu Saito [18 = Kokushikan High School, Tokyo], a boy over 100 kg, will miss the All Japan Selected Weight Championship [Fukuoka International Center on April 4 and 5].

According to Zenjuren, she was diagnosed with a lumbar disc herniation on the 12th and is currently hospitalized and needs treatment until mid-April. Saito is the second son of the late Olympic king, Hitoshi Saito. He also missed the All Japan Championship [April 29, Chiba Port Arena] qualifying for the Tokyo Metropolitan Championship on April 15 which fought for weight indiscrimination. Tsubasa Takahashi [Okayama / Sakuyotaka] will take the place of an alternative.

Tomo Tachikawa [Tokai Univ.], A 63-kilometer girl, missed due to subluxation of the left sternoclavicular joint. Aimi Nochi [Ryotokudai professor] who decided to participate in the All Japan Women's Championship [Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium on April 19], who competes for weight indiscrimination, will substitute.

Influenced by the spread of the new coronavirus, this year's All Japan Selected Weight Championship will be held with no spectators.

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