Robber at home of T. Swift

A burglary invaded his home in St. Petersburg, Florida, where Scott Swift, the father of U.S. singer Taylor Swift [30], lives on January 17th, and a case of scuffle with Scott who matched up was happening It was revealed.

According to U.S. NBC TV, Scott returned home and met a criminal who was looking for something inside the room, which led to a brawl. The criminal escaped but was arrested on the 12th of this month. According to reports, he climbed up using the emergency stairs to the top floor of the 13-story building, and got into a bowl with Scott, who returned by elevator, but no further details are known.

It has not been disclosed whether the burglar was breached because it was home to Swift's father, or whether it simply aimed at a $ 4 million mansion. The criminal was previously released on multiple criminal records, including domestic violence, firearms possession, and kidnapping, but was paid bail for $ 50,000. Swift and Scott did not comment. [Los Angeles = Kanako Chitose]

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