Robot joins B1 Hokkaido 28th “First appearance”

Rebanga Hokkaido, the first part of the Basketball B League, announced the participation of the basketball robot “CUE4” on the 12th. Transfer from Alvark Tokyo in the same east area with a time limit. The position is the same shooting guard as Takehiko Orimo [49], who has announced his retirement only for this season. Boasting a size of 209 cm and 91 kg.

The successor to the first robot “professional basketball player” and “first CUE” who joined A Tokyo in 2018. In the “first generation”, the shot area that was near the free throw when shooting, the “CUE4” exceeded the half line, and the growth is remarkable.

The development team of the robot said about joining the Hokkaido “CUE4 is a basketball robot that brings together cutting-edge AI technology. Although professional experience is still less than two years, of course, high precision ultra-long shot that can be said synonymous, I want to contribute to the team's victory with a variety of performances that can only be achieved with "CUE4".

It will be “first appearance” at the half-time of the home Toyama game in Sapporo / Hokkaido Kita-Eru on December 28, 19th, and will show shoot performance.

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