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Robot vacuum cleaner Roomba recognizes furniture and can clean it-Engadget Japan version

IRobot, which handles robot vacuum cleaners, has started distributing the software update "iRobot Genius Home Intelligence" for some models such as "Rumba" and "Brava".

You can use the new functions by updating the iRobot HOME app for Android / iOS, but the timing for using the new functions varies depending on the model.

After the software update, Roomba and Brava will be able to recognize and clean the furniture, and AI [Artificial Intelligence] will be added to the special application "iRobot HOME".

Specifically, in addition to the movement of Roomba and Brava, the dedicated application learns the user's past usage history, suggests when and where to clean often, and automatically detects places with a lot of wiring etc. Would you like to set this area as inaccessible?"

In addition, based on the location information, there is also a function that notifies the smartphone of the season of pollen and allergies, the time when the pet's hair grows again, and proposes the cleaning frequency. However, to use this function, it is necessary to enable location information settings in advance.

Note that all of these functions are supported by Roomba s9+, i7+, i7, and Blurba jet m6 that support Wi-Fi connection.

iRobot Genius
▲ High-end models of “Rumba” and “Bravager jet” are compatible with all new functions.



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