Rock weathering by tree-ring formation from the time of reading success in graduate school such as

Rock is weathered by the striped pattern is formed. Design which are applied to the pattern, but its formation mechanism and time the Unknown was. Nagoya University, The Rock pattern is formed in the process, revealing the formation time of the announced.

【Here】Cedar tree rings from around 660 BC of the huge solar flare to unravel the Yamagata University, etc

■Annual rings are formed rocks

The surface of the rocks by weathering,deterioration occurs. The Rock is durable and assumed, and weathered about the speed of knowledge you do not. Nagoya University, Gifu University, and Nagoya City Science Museum, the British Geological Survey researchers from the consisting group of the rock weathering rate in order to quantify the focused,weathering caused by the stripe pattern that is so.

The tree of the cross section is growing by the difference in color tint occurs, as a result, the Rings and all that stuff. Rock as well,is better than tree rings serve as as.

Research group,Gifu Prefecture Nagara River are volcanic rocks, which is a kind of”Rhyolite”is formed in a striped pattern, noting the research and analysis was carried out. As a result, in the rocks of the iron ions and minerals and by the neutralization by tree-ring formation was found to have been.

The research group is the rhyolite of banded rate of formation of I,from 1 year to few years from the”iron band”called the Rings is 1 book to be formed this week. The research group found rhyolite banded rate of formation of the igneous rocks is conventionally considered to be weathering rate and the degradation rate as compared 100 times from 1000 times faster and this was confirmed.

■Other rocks also can be applied

Research group,rhyolite banding is formed when conditions on the formulation of success. Based on this, most of the Rock is also confirmed that the striped pattern can be applied as well. Thus, a variety of rocks weathering rate to quantitatively estimate possible,the iron ions precipitate, accompanied by heavy metal fixing such as environmental restoration can be applied to would, the research group is looking.

Details of research on European International Journal Elsevier of Chemical Geology to the 16 dates that have been posted. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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