Rocket News 24 4 masks recommended by reporters

The mask has become an essential item when going out. I'm sure you've bought different types of masks in the last few months.

And there must be a lot of people wondering which mask is the best. In order to answer that question, five reporters of Rocket News 24Recommended maskSince I chose, I hope it will help you in choosing masks from now on.

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Takashi Harada “A Word of “Susuga””
・Nishikawa 100 times washable cool mask

Package photo of "Nishikawa 100 times washable cool mask"
Wearing example of "Nishikawa 100 times washable cool mask"

Takashi Harada"I tried some cool masks,Nishikawa was the best.. Not only is it domestically produced, but it's also just a word of "surprise," whether it's a feeling of discomfort, wearing comfort, or care for ear pain.

Anyway, I was able to reduce my suffering, and as I expected… No, he is working more than I expected. As the best position for this summer buddy, I can't help but regret buying more now. That much

Reference link:Amazon

GO Hatori "If you exercise hard, you will never lose it"
・D&M runner mask

"D&M Runner Mask" product photo
"D&M Runner Mask" product usage example
GO Hatori"To tell the truth "Sport mask verification in hard exercise" However, the strongest so far is "D&M Runner Mask". What kind of mask isI also wrote an article so please refer to thatThat.

The best thing about this mask is its unique structure. A sponge-like filter can be "added in" and the measures against splashes should be perfect. However, it is a magical mask with zero breathlessness.

There are more than 20 types of sports masks verified at the moment, but the "D&M Runner Mask" has only one head, no, about 10 heads are overlooked. If you do hard exercise, I definitely want to declare that it will not hurt.''

Reference link:Amazon,Rakuten,Yahoo! Shopping

Hidenori Sato "The feeling of wearing is light"
Jun-kun "I don't feel like using anything else"

Package photo of "PITTA"
Wearing example of "PITTA"

Hidenori Sato"I feel that it's worn lightly, and I feel that this suits me best. It's good for next year, so I secretly hope that a new color that suits adult men will come out."

Jun"I knew that reporter Sato had been wearing it since last year, and at first I didn't think I would wear it, but now I use PITTA every day.

I used to use a so-called ordinary mask for the pollen season and for a while after Corona's eruption began, but since the end of Golden Week, “It's too hot to ride a train while wearing a mask. I thought, "Isn't there a mask that feels a little cooler?"

And I found a PITTA recommended by reporter Sato, so I bought it. It's easy to breathe when I wear it, and it's considerably more comfortable than I used to. Once I try it, I don't feel like using anything other than PITTA.''

Reference link:Amazon,Rakuten,Yahoo! Shopping

P.K.Sanjun "There is no complaint to use it indoors"
・UNIQLO AIRism Mask [old model]

Package photo of Uniqlo's AIRism Mask
Wearing example of "UNIQLO AIRism Mask"

P.K.Sanjun"I got it on the release date,I wrote "I don't want to buy in a hurry"Uniqlo's AIRism Mask. The biggest reason is that it's fairly solid as a mask, so I felt it was just too thick for outdoor use.

…But there is no complaint if it is for indoor use. It's thick, but the aerism that touches the skin is still wonderful. It's perfect for use in the office, so if you can get one, you can buy one.''

Reference link:Uniqlo,Old and new AIRism mask comparison article

── Above, Rocket News 24 is the “4 masks” you want to recommend.

Was there a mask you care about? Please reconfirm the functionality, design, comfort, and what you want for a mask, and we hope you find the perfect mask.

Reference link: Hot selling ranking Amazon,Rakuten,Yahoo! Shopping

Written by: Rocket News 24 Editorial Department
Photo: RocketNews24.

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