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ROG Phone 3 (tentative) is equipped with 16 GB RAM in overclocking processor, external appearance and specifications are registered overseas-Engadget Japan version

Asus ROG Phone 3

Rendering images and spec information that are supposed to be for the next Taiwanese ASUS smartphone, ROG Phone 3: ROG Phone III [tentative name], have been reported from overseas.

Based on this information registered in TEANN, a Chinese registration agency, the current model “ROG Phone IIYou can see the body design similar to ". The number of rear cameras has been enhanced from two to three, and it is expected that a telephoto lens will be mounted on this.

Furthermore, the processor "Snapdragon 865" installed seems to be able to overclock from the usual 2.84GHz to 3.091GHz. By combining this with up to 16GB of RAM, it is predicted that it will become the highest-spec gaming smartphone.

The drive frequency of a 6.59-inch OLED display is unknown, but previouslyInformation that 144Hz drive is possibleIs also reported. In addition, a secondary USB-C port/video output port is installed on the main unit side. This system improves the handling of cables when holding them sideways.

As a gaming function, it corresponds to light dimming, reshuffle rate adjustment, performance boost, and also supports accessories such as controllers. Also, it seems that Google's cloud game service "Stadia" will be shipped with it pre-installed.

ROG Phone 3 is expected to be announced in July. ROG Phone IIHighly rated as a gaming smartphoneAs a result, it seems that you can expect the performance and finish of the succeeding model.

Source: TEANN
Via: XDA Developers


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