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ROG's glowing gaming backpack, 27,000 yen-Engadget Japan version

ASUS VIP Media CES Summit, a new check of products announced at CES 2019, was held at ASUS headquarters in Taiwan.

At the event, I touched various PCs, but I was worried about "ROG RANGER CORE BP3703 GAMING BACKPACK".

Many gaming brands offer backpacks for PCs, but this backpack is a bit ahead. The back shines.

It's a gaming PC area that lets you shine something on peripheral devices as well as PCs. This is a medium impact. Power is supplied from the mobile battery to emit light, so the drive time depends on the connected battery.

▲ Can hold a notebook PC up to 17 inches.

▲ In addition to the notebook PC, there is also a space where you can store your tablet.

▲ Equipped with an LED light that brightly illuminates what is stored in the back. It seems to be useful when you go to a dimly lit game event.

▲ When I carry my back, it looks like this. Walking around the town is a good thing, but it may be good for night cycling because it is noticeably safe.

It is on sale in Taiwan and the price of concern is TWD 7,500. About 27,000 yen in Japanese yen! No matter how sharp the product, it is a price that will test your religion for the ROG brand. It will be an item that can only be worn by those who have "buy chest" and "back chest".

▲ By the way, some gaming chairs glow.

The latest news on CES 2020HerePlease see from.

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