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Living Legend Rolling Stones. From the early 1960s when the Beatles were active to the present, it is a rock band that has been active without breaking up for more than half a century. What's great is that you don't just perform live, you publish your original album.It is still active.

The Stones released a new song on YouTube for the first time in eight years. ‥It looks like a shocking lyrics. There are also voices from overseas saying, "Too much sync with what's happening now!" "I'll keep ringing in my head for the rest of the pandemic."

I listened to the lyrics of the song announced on the official YouTube and translated it here, singing the following contents.

・ Translation of new song "Living In A Ghost Town"

The beginning begins with a repetition of "I am a ghost living in the ruins", and finally ends with "It looks like the ghosts living in the ruins that were all trapped at that time."

The image shows the world's streets where people are gone from beginning to end, and many people say "when the first melody is over"Ghost Town = Town where people are gone due to the state of emergency"Isn't the synapse connected?"

After that, the lyrics describe the prosperity of the past. The tune is bluesy and soulful, but the decadent lyrics are called SF tic in the near future,It's like singing in the world after it's over.

However, in such a situation, the protagonist is staring at the mobile phone and killing time. If this is a story, it is an absurdity and mystery is about to begin, but it is a lyrics that links with the current world and my situation.

・ A song made a year ago

By the way, according to NME, this song is for a new albumSongs recorded over a year agoWhat? It was perfect for the current situation, so it was finished and published as soon as possible.

Keith Richards said, "Be careful, everyone!" It doesn't look like a lockdown satire, butIs it a prophet?!! The following voices were heard from overseas Internet people.

・ Voice from overseas

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting … It's the Rolling Stones."
"The Rolling Stones are definitely a coronavirus vaccine."
"Our Rolling Stones crash into the fucking corona"
"Songs that are perfect for coronaviruses"
"It will continue to ring in my head for the rest of the pandemic."
"Too much sync with what's happening right now!"
"The Rolling Stones will keep rolling in 2020"
"Still the best band ever"

──Many people are overwhelmed by the city and their situation, and many are shocked by the prophets. I (Nakazawa) was happy that the Rolling Stones moved at this timing when I could not go out. It still rolls. But watch out for Keith, Mick, Charlie Watts, and Ron Wood.

Reference source:YouTube,NME
writing:Seiji Nakazawa

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