Ronbu Jun's “Remote Graduation Ceremony” Trouble Delivery

The live distribution of the "remote graduation ceremony" called by the comedy combination, Jun Tamura [46] of London Boots No. 1 and 2 was canceled on 15th due to equipment trouble. Due to equipment trouble, it becomes "simulated live distribution" in which the recorded video is immediately edited and distributed.

Jun said, "I wanted to share my time with those who had no graduation ceremony, but it was difficult due to equipment trouble. I read about 800 names of those who received [graduates], sang the song, edited it immediately, and uploaded the movie. I said.

Just after 3 pm on the day, live streaming started on YouTube "Rombu Channel". It was supposed to start at 2:00 pm, but the start was delayed an hour due to equipment trouble. Following the opening greetings, singer / songwriter Kami Hirose [53] appeared and sang "Kimi gayo". However, the images tend to be interrupted, and Jun apologizes, "I'm sorry, the signal is bad, so let me try again. Close it and let me try again." The screen has been switched to a still image, "First year of Reiwa 和 ​​YouTube Ronbu Channel Remote graduation ceremony".

After that, he apologized for explaining that Jun appeared and that live distribution was impossible due to equipment trouble.

Hirose responded to Atsushi's call on Twitter saying, "Would you like to sing" Kimigayo "?

Jun has decided to hold a graduation ceremony on YouTube for those whose graduation ceremony was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus. He gave his answer and announced that he would read his name.

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