Ronbu resurrection live held at Ryo and Miyasako's teardrops

London boots No. 1 and No. 2 Jun Tamura [46] announced on Twitter on Thursday that they will open a live show called “family” on January 30 in Ronbu.

The location is WALL & WALL in Omotesando, Tokyo, where Ryo Tamura [48] had a tears-free meeting on July 20 with Hiroyuki Miyasako [49], a squadron after the rain. This is where Ryo told Yoshimoto Kogyo, "If it's a family, my parents are trying to apologize for the bad things, but my parents stop."

Jun announced that he would update Twitter on the night of the 12th, hold a talk live with Ryo, who decided to resume performing arts on the 10th, and then hold a press conference with them.

Ryo, who has been humbled since June last year due to dark business issues, announced his return on the 10th. LONDONBOOTS Co., Ltd., which was established with Jun on November 1, last year, and Yoshimoto Kogyo signed an exclusive agent contract, and will work as a member of LONDONBOOTS Co., Ltd.

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