Ronbu Tamura Satoshi, “I'm not in trouble” in the definition of anti-company “difficulty”

Comedy combination, Satoshi Tamura [46] of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 [46] spelled the idea that the government was “difficult” about the definition of anti-social forces as “difficult”.

On the 10th, the government declared an answer saying that it was difficult to define in a limited and unified manner about the anti-social forces that were said to have attended the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister on the 10th. Decided.

Tamura mentioned on Twitter on the 11th. In addition to quoting the meaning of “definition” described in the Japanese language dictionary, he spelled: “If you have just established a company and there is an anti-corporate in your business partner, it ’s hard … If you do n’t define the anti-corporate because you want to know exactly” .

Tamura announced on February 2 that it established a new company “LONDONBOOTS” together with Ryo Tamura, who is reluctant to take part in activities related to anti-social forces.

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