Roughby Reach Lecture 監督 Directed by Inoue

Judo Men's Japan coach Yasuo Inoue [41] is a boy on the 22nd when captain Reach Michael [31 = Toshiba], a flanker who contributed to the top eight in the Japan National Team at the Rugby World Cup [W Cup] Japan Games on the 24th. He revealed that he had given a lecture at the representative training camp.

In a privately held lecture, they were prepared to take on the stage of their home country. It is said that Tokai University senior coach Inoue played a facilitating role, and heard about "Japan's aspirations", "building a team as captain", and "preparing for the World Cup". "There were some laughs, some scenes that could be taken seriously, and the loyalty of Reach was very conveyed. It was a much more relaxed feeling for the 20-year-old players," he said.

At the 20th Tokyo Olympics [Olympic Games], not only individual games but also mixed men and women will be held for the first time. Manager Inoue, who values ​​team building including players and staff, said, "Next year will be a year for blooming large flowers. I want to make a battle that will allow me to put everything into the Olympics after careful preparation "I'm tightening my feelings for the big stage seven months later.

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