"Route map" on the Nara official website was supposed to be crazy !? → As a result of inquiring the prefectural office for the reason / I will also tell you the charm of Nara that can not be included in the route map

The darkness under the lighthouse is a common thing to say: the closer you get, the more the eyes become cloudy. Winter 2020 through SNS"The (ta) route map posted on the Nara official website is okashina"It is a topic.

Briefly,The location of the route map does not exactly match the actual locationIt is. I would like to see the following in detail, but I asked the prefectural office about the details of how the unnatural map was completed. In addition, a reporter who has lived in Nara for about 10 years will tell you about the attractions of Nara that are not listed on the route map.

・ I contacted the prefecture

The map of the case (Kudan) was named “Railway Map”, and a track map was dropped on a map of Nara Prefecture to show access to each place. The problem is the location of the track. As mentioned above, there was a gap between the map and the route map, which was discovered through SNS.

Actually, when you look at the map of the railway use, it seems that the tracks are everywhere in Nara Prefecture, but unfortunately this is not the case. “Kintetsu Yoshino Station” at the southernmost point on the map is actually located further north.

No, but what happened to this hachamecha?I guess that people who did not know much about Nara prefecture made itIt is a level that you will want to doubt. I couldn't help thinking, so I asked the Prefectural Public Relations and Public Affairs Section and the answer came back.

"I put it a long time ago (I don't know the details of why this was the case). I looked into it, but I don't know when it was made.

I guess that the track was large so that it can be easily understood, but I was misunderstood because the background is a Nara map. ''

In other words, is the Nara map just an image? By the way, as of January 10, 2020, the map had changed to a new one when I visited the prefecture site. He was replaced by a new one after being talked about on SNS.

In fact, at 6:00 am on January 8, 2020, J Townnet wrote an article on this subject. Reporters were also checking the county's official website at that time, but still using the old map. In other words, it must have been replaced since then. Prefecture people"I want you to see something new."I was saying.

・ Are there no distinctions between counties and towns?

That said, it may be inevitable if this happens. Around reportersEven people from Nara Prefecture think that the south of Nara is YoshinoI have. Certainly, that perception is not wrong. For example, the address of Totsukawa Village, located at the southernmost tip of Nara Prefecture, is Totsugawa Village, Yoshino-gun.

However, they say that Yoshino is the southern part of Nara, and the impression of Yoshino is usually Yoshino-gun “Yoshino-cho”. In other words, Yoshino depends greatly on whether it refers to a “county” or a “town”. It's just a guess, but it's not unlikely that such a small misperception might have been reflected in the old railway map.

・ Please come to Nara and check

The old railway map didn't seem to get much attention until it became a topic through SNS. The reporter was ashamed of this incident, and saw the relevant page on the site for the first time. But in Nara prefectureThere are plenty of places where you can visit by train and other places that will be fascinatingis there.

So a reporter living in Nara wants to share his charm with Sakutsu. Shimoichiguchi, which was on the old railway map, is a relatively urban class in Nara Prefecture. It is not difficult to imagine because the train is running. There is also a hospital. There are many small and large shops that make persimmon leaf sushi. If you have the opportunity to get off at the station, you should buy it on the mast.

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Yoshino, the old railway map, is a famous cherry blossom spot. In the spring, a large number of tourists come from home and abroad. During that time, there was almost no parking lot when driving by car, so we had to use a train. This is an opportunity to use the new railway map.

And personally, I would like to recommend the Yoshino-gun area where no trains pass. The Yagi Shingu Limited Express Bus, which boasts the longest mileage in Japan, runs from Kintetsu Yamato-Yagi Station. If you get on it, you can go to the Totsukawa village mentioned above. Reporters haven't tried it yet, but would like to ride it once in a lifetime.

Anyway, the Yoshino-gun area is rich in nature. It is a mountain even if you turn to the right and to the left. There is also a hot spring. The water is very beautiful, and you can see canoes and kayaks in summer. Seeing such a landscape would greatly overturn Nara's image.

I think that people from inside and outside the prefecture were able to think again about the topography of Nara using the “old railway map”. Taking this opportunity"I'm gonna go to Nara to check it out!"Hopefully it will be, hopefully.

Source:Nara Official Site,J town net

Report:K. Masami

Photo: Rocketnews24.
Screenshot: GoogleMaps, Nara official website

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