Rugby Nakamura Ryoto announces that he has turned professional and wants to improve

CTB Ryoto Nakamura [29 = Suntory], who contributed to the record high of the 8th best as a representative of the 19th Rugby World Cup in Japan, announced the pro conversion on the 27th.

Guest appearance on the talk program “Takeshi Yano's Rugby Speaks!” on the Japan Association official YouTube channel. He explained to his fans the reason, "I have to say that I really wanted to coach."

After graduating from Kagoshima Minoru to Teikyo University, after graduating, he joined Suntory under an employee contract. So far, he has been in charge of liquor stores, responding to changes in menus such as beer, whiskey, and wine, and guiding new products. He appeared in the World Cup last fall as one of the few "salarymen" players, and started all five games.

The reason for turning professional was my longing for a leader. "I want to be a person who can convey my experience, knowledge, and the fun of rugby, and I want to grow up so that Japanese players can play more active roles." He secured the time to study for his second life and made a strong statement, saying, "I want to improve even more as a player."

It was canceled due to the effect of the new coronavirus, but on this day, the Japan national team's match against Wales was scheduled at Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium. The national team match since the World Cup became a phantom, but he switched to "I'm sorry, but it's unavoidable, so look at the next", and swore to make a leap forward.

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