Rugby new league to start in January 2010 due to corona impact

Mayumi Taniguchi, a director of the Japan Rugby Association [45], announced on January 1 that the opening timing of the new league, which was aimed at launching in the fall of 2009, was changed to January 2010.

Held a new league briefing online. Taking into account the effects of the new coronavirus, "there are some future social movements, but we are currently aiming to open in January 2010." The deadline for participation on June 26 was for 16 teams from the Top League [TL], 8 teams from the Top Challenge League at the bottom, and 25 teams from the Chugoku Electric Power Company in the regional league. In the future, the form of business will be examined and officially decided. The new league is supposed to be a three-part system, and the composition of the number of teams in each department will be decided by December of this year. Team distribution is scheduled to be announced after May next year.

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