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Rumor that iPhone 12 (tentative), 5G millimeter wave compatible model will be shipped in half than expected-Engadget Japan version

A pedestrian walks past an Apple Iphone advertisement in Hong Kong.(Photo by Budrul Chukrut / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)


The next flagship iPhone 12 (tentative) series, which is expected to be released in the latter half of 2020. While all models are expected to support 5G, it has been rumored that the shipment volume of millimeter-wave compatible models will be halved compared to the previous forecast.

According to DigiTimes, a Taiwanese electronic parts industry information magazine, the actual supply volume is expected to remain at 15 to 20 million units, compared with the previous supply chain forecast of 30 to 40 million units. Along with that, FC-AiP (antenna-in-package/one-package array antenna that is indispensable for millimeter-wave band communication) is said to be intensifying competition among suppliers (for orders).

Millimeter wave is a method that uses a high band such as 28 GHz and has the fastest speed in 5G communication but a narrow coverage range. On the other hand, sub 6 GHz means a method that uses a band of 6 GHz or less and is slightly faster than LTE but has a wide base station coverage.

It is expected that the production volume of the iPhone 12 series will be reduced due to the disruption of the supply chain due to the new Corona disaster and the weakening of global consumption.US Wall Street JournalWas also shown. However, DigiTimes expects to halve this time for "millimeter wave" compatible models, not for the iPhone 12 series in general.

It is almost a dogma that the iPhone 12 series will be divided into two types: millimeter wave compatible and sub 6 GHz models. AndAiP, which is indispensable for millimeter waves, was developed in-house by Apple.There was also an analyst forecast that mass production would be delayed by that amount. furtherEntry model is expected to be released in September and high-end model is expected to be released in October.It seems that it can be interpreted as "only iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max (both are tentative names) support millimeter waves and the shipping volume is halved."

Sales of the iPhone 11 model 2019 are strong,"Cheap" with more cameras than last yearThere was also an analysis that was the cause of victory. From that successful experience, the popular price (There is also a rumor that it is about 70,000 yen with an organic EL display) May be focused on producing sub 6GHz models, and the shipment volume of high-priced millimeter-wave Pro models may be reduced.



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