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Rumored that iPhone 12 (tentative) will not be shipped with wired earphones. To promote AirPods-Engadget Japan version

Every year, even if users don't want it, earphones EarPods (Lightning terminal version for iPhone 7 and later in 2016) are included in the iPhone every year.Famous analyst Ming-Chi KuoHave argued that this will no longer be included in the 2020 flagship iPhone 12 (tentative) series.

And another analyst's predictions, which are in line with this outlook, are beginning to be communicated.

According to 9to5Mac, Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, a US securities firm (Prediction of motion control installed on iPhone 12) "Probably wired EarPods will not be included in the iPhone 12 box/package," he said. Kuo also said that such policy changes will eventually further accelerate sales of Apple's complete wireless earphone AirPods (85 million units are expected to be sold in 2020 compared to 65 million units in 2019). Is the same as

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple,Earnings announcement for the second quarter of 2020Commented that the wearables (categories including AirPods and Apple Watch) are exerting "downward pressure on demand" due to the new Corona disaster. In other words, there is an incentive to leverage AirPods sales.

On the other hand, "Apple is considering including AirPods in the new iPhone in 2020"Supply chain informationThere was also. If you interpret the term "bundling" as a set sale (and a discount), you may have the option of stopping the inclusion of EarPods and turning to it.

Speaking of the AirPods series, there were rumors about the over-ear headphones "AirPods Studio," which is not the Beats brand.Paid news media The InformationReported from June to July 2020 that the factory will begin shipping to Apple (not selling at the store), but in terms of timeUpcoming WWDC 20There is a possibility that it will be announced before and after.


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