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Rumors that some Apple Store stores outside of Greater China will resume operations in early April-Engadget

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Apple has closed all Apple Store stores worldwide indefinitely due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Meanwhile, rumors have been reported that the company is aiming to reopen stores in some areas by early April. 9to5Mac has received a message sent to its retail team by Deirdre O'Brien, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Operations. O'Brien is the head of Apple's human resources department and head of Apple Store stores and online stores worldwide.

What is stated in this email is that retail stores outside of Greater China will be reopened sequentially. Depending on the local situation, some stores are expected to open in the first half of April, and the policy is to contact each store as soon as the specific schedule is decided.

On the other hand, he said, "We put the health of teams, customers and communities first," and said that we have sufficient resources for health measures based on the latest information collected from various places. For example, members of the retail team can stay healthy, learn how to set up a comfortable workspace, and have a vacation policy in the event a family member becomes infected with the new corona.

By the way, at stores in Greater China where all stores are reopening, it is said that a wide range of safety measures are being implemented, such as checking the body temperature before customers enter the store, managing the entrance, and reducing the number of people who can enter the store Has been done.

It is likely that this will be the case in the United States, where infection is still expanding, and in Japan, where the number of infected people is increasing rapidly in Tokyo, but it is a great story for users to aim for an early resumption.I can't receive my repaired device at the storeIt seems better to wait for the follow-up.


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