Run in any situation! Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD for drive lovers

Automobili Lamborghini Japan has announced the Huracan EVO RWD, the next generation V-10 super sports car. The Hurakan EVO was sublimated as a more pure driving model.

"This car will provide an unprecedented driving experience and strengthen the bond between the car and its driver," said Francesco Cresi, Country Manager for Japan and Korea.

For an unprecedented driving experience, the V10 engine has not only the power of rear-wheel drive, but also the sound of a natural exhalation engine and a specially tuned traction control system. Dry, wet and even snowy roads can be exciting drives.

The traction control system has also been improved, and the driving mode can be changed according to the situation and the driver's preference. In the case of a general traction control system, the torque is suddenly cut off, and the vehicle is completely stabilized and then generates torque again. However, the latest performance traction control system [hereafter referred to as P- In TCS], traction is improved when exiting a corner to generate torque in advance and prevent a sharp drop in torque.

The design is also new, and although it retains the powerful design of Lamborghini, the front and rear are very different from those of the Huracan EVO 4WD. It features a sculpture-like front face. In addition, the gloss diffuser rear bumper is equipped with the latest diffuser exclusively for Hurakan EVORWD. The cockpit is equipped with an 8.4-inch HMI touch screen, which not only controls all functions of the car, but also enables the use of Apple CarPlay, such as a network connection, for complete connectivity.

The color of the exterior can be selected from more than 300 colors, and there is a program that can change the material of the interior according to the taste of the customer. The sales price of Huracan EVO RWD in Japan is planned to be 2,412,691 yen [excluding tax], and it will be delivered to the first domestic customer after the spring of 2020.

Maximum output: 449kW / 610hp [8,000rpm]Maximum torque: 413lb.ft [6,500rpm]0-100km / h acceleration: 3.3 seconds
Maximum speed: 325㎞ / h
Type: rear wheel drive
Transmission: 7-stage LDF dual clutch transmission

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