Rust inside if you cut out the panel! | Tattered Z432 is back in restoration! {8} around the rear tire house

All the undercarriages and brakes are peeled off and regenerated. At the center, slightly behind, is an electromagnetic pump that sends fuel.

The inside of the tire house was covered with dust.

A state in which the paint has been peeled off and repaired, and feet have been added to improve the paint slickness.

When I opened the step panel, it was rusting to the frame.

A newly manufactured panel is installed, and rust elimination is performed thoroughly to the inside where it is invisible when completed.

The rear section of the skeleton state with the rear fender and gate removed. The black part is the rust stop treatment, and the white line is the part that has been coated with a sealant.

The rear fender, which was rusty and rough, was repaired and putty was put.

The rusted part is cut out and the same shape iron plates are connected.

Published: Nostalgic Hero 2011 April issue 年 vol.144 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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