Ryan Reynolds gives a stolen teddy bear a prize of 500,000 yen


Ryan Reynolds gives a stolen teddy bear a prize of 500,000 yen

"dead PoolThe role of the deadpool,Detective PikachuOf the actor known for the role of PikachuRyan ReynoldsIt has become a hot topic that it was revealed that Mr. Sake put a prize money of $ 5000 (about 530,000 yen) on the stolen teddy bear.

Nice guy Ryan Reynolds puts up a cash reward for a lost teddy bear

The origin of the matter was a Canadian public broadcasting station.CBCWorking as a reporter in VancouverDeborah GobleThe following tweet by. Tweet is "What ifWest endIf you find this bear in, please email me. Teddy Bear with iPadHerschelWas stolen while in my backpack. Mara, the owner of this bear, said, "I love you." I am proud of you. I'm always with you," he said, "he hears the voice of his mother, who died last year." In addition, this tweet has collected more than 26,000 retweets and more than 47,000 likes at the time of article creation.

Below is Mara's own Twitter account.

When I saw this tweet, Ryan Reynolds said, "I will pay $ 5,000 to the person who delivered this bear plush to his owner Marla. There is no doubt. I think we need to go back to." This tweet has collected more than 92,000 retweets and 319,000 likes at the time of article creation.

Ryan Reynolds is not the only one spreading the information about teddy bears. About an hour after Ryan Reynolds tweeted, a Canadian actorDan LevyTweeted, "Canada, please help me find this bear."

After another hour, the actorZach BluffSaid, "I think this bear needs to go home!"

In response to Ryan Reynolds's tweet, Mara, the owner of the teddy bear, said, "Thank you Ryan Reynolds! I really appreciate your help in finding this bear.# FindmarasbearUse a hashtag of or send me a direct message directly,(email protected)Please send an email to."

In addition, Mr. Mara has the location information of the iPad stolen with the teddy bearlook forDetected by the application and shared on Twitter……

We are looking for information on teddy bears by sharing images of criminals who stole backpacks.

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