Ryo Narita, longing for Masahiko Tsukawa / List of film award winners

“The 32nd Nikkan Sports Film Grand Prize / Yujiro Ishihara Award” [sponsored by Nikkan Sports Shimbun, sponsored by Ishihara Promotion] has been decided by the 11th.

Ryo Narita [26] was selected for the Yujiro Ishihara New Face Award, which bears the name of a big star who died at the age of 52 in 1987. This year, she appeared in five works, “Chihuahua-chan”, “Shode Saitama”, “Love is what I did”, “Sayonara Kubiru”, “Human disqualification, Osamu Dazai and three women” [in order of release], and showed remarkable performance.

In the award interview, Narita said, “I'm a little relieved to be able to win the award as a work that seems interesting and interesting,” he said.

The ideal actor was named Masahiko Tsukawa, who passed away last year. Co-starred with Mr. Tsukawa in the actor's debut film “FLASHBACK”. Narita said, “When I don't understand anything, I was told,“ I'm looking at my eyes. ”I want to be a person who can say that one day.”

The award ceremony will be held at Hotel New Otani in Kioicho, Tokyo on the 28th, and Mrs. Makiko Ishihara, Mrs. Yujiro, will give a prize of 1 million yen to Narita.

The award-winning works, winners, and the target works [in order of release] are as follows

▼ Work Award “Newspaper Reporter” [Director Michito Fujii] ▼ Director Award Tetsuya Mariko [“From Miyamoto to You”] ”And Supporting Actor Award” Kiyohiko Shibukawa [“Semi-world” “WE ARE LITTL ZOMBIES” “Closed Ward – Each Morning”] ▼ Supporting Actress Award Mikako Ichikawa [“My First Dad, Chibi no longer exists” Yokogao ”] ▼ Newcomer Award Kiyoshi Kiyohara [“ Ehime-Promised Nakuhito ”“ Day and Night ”“ Strawberry Strawberry ”] ▼ Foreign Work Award“ Green Book ”▼ Yujiro Ishihara New Artist Award Ryo Narita ▼ Yujiro Ishihara Prize "Archimedes War" [Director Takashi Yamazaki]

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