Ryo Narita stops the runny nose with stage greetings

Actor Narita Ryo [26] attended the public memorial stage greeting on the 14th in Tokyo on the first starring movie “Katsuben!” [Director Masayuki Suo].

The film was called “Activity Photo” and was called “Activity Bento”, a popular name “Katsuben”, which was a silent [monochrome] and monochrome [black and white] Taisho era. ] The main character. Narita played Shuntaro Someya dreaming of Katsuben.

After the make-up from the time of participating in the same audition until the crank-up was cast, the venue went dark. Narita, who received the pin spotlight, showed his mouth in the center of the stage. “It ’s the first time I ’ve been so nervous,” she laughs. “It was a runny nose until yesterday, but when I got up in the morning, it stopped right away.

On the 13th, the first day of the exhibition, I went to the theater with my friends. “There was an uncle who laughed out loud, and that laughter had moved and the theater was lively. I thought it was a good place for Katsben,” he said. Until now, there have been few calls in the city, but the opportunity to call out has increased. “Uncle says“ Katsuben look! ”If this work has arrived, it would be fine,” smiled, “Everyone has a very good face today and I am very relieved.” Thank you.

In the movie released this year, she appeared in 5 films including “Shode Saitama”. He also received the Nikkan Sports Film Grand Prize and the Yujiro Ishihara New Face Award. But everything is in the past. “All of this has changed as a result of doing this work. Now I really want to have fun and make it a fun place. I want to follow. "

On this day, Kuroshima Yuna, Nagase Masatoshi, Takara Kengo, Takenaka Naoto, Inoue Mao, Takenouchi Yutaka, and Suo Masayuki directors will also be on stage.

The dream I want to achieve next year is Narita who said “I promised to play with Kengo in Kyushu, so I ’d like to do it.” Takara immediately responded to “Katsuben!” And appealed to the people involved. . Nagase also expressed a modest statement, "Is it OK to ride?"

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