Ryo Tamura appears on Jun's cultural broadcast program "Let's lie last year"

Ryo Tamura [48] of London boots No. 1 and No. 2 [48] will be the personality of the partner Jun Atsushi Tamura [46] on the 25th. ], Performed live as a guest.

It was the first time for two people to appear on a live broadcast after leaving Ryo after being punished by Yoshimoto Kogyo who belonged to him due to a dark business problem discovered in June 2019. It's also the first time to appear on the same program as a combination.

Ryo appeared on the day in the "Weekly People of the Week" section, which was renamed "Weekly People of the Week" to invite politicians and experts. "Thank you. I've come. I've listened to it several times," he said. Atsushi proposed the change of the corner name last time during the program on the 18th, "Atsushi is not a great person. I am sorry for the great people so far. I'm sorry to be together. I'm the president of the office. It changed as ". Ryo laughed, "I didn't lie this week. It's last year. I don't think I've been converted … it's last year."

After leaving Yoshimoto Kogyo, Ryo became a member of LONDON BOOTS Co., Ltd., which was established by Jun in December 1919, and returned to the live show in January. On the 7th, he made a comeback to the terrestrial wave on TV Asahi's "London Hearts". With that in mind, Jun said in a broadcast on the 18th last time, "I don't want to do clean things. I want to make a whip as the president. I'm looking for Ryo-san to ask what I want to hear." And "Ryo-san says," I won't lie again. "Is there such a lie [laughs]? That's a lie. I lie about 100 more before I die. I am trying to keep up with him. "

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