Ryo Tamura to return to terrestrial broadcasting

On July 11, London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 Atsushi Tamura [46] mentioned for the first time the resumption of Ryo Agata Tamura's [48] entertainment activity announced on the previous day.

He said on YouTube and radio programs that Ryo's return will be primarily for terrestrial television programs. He also stated that they would hold a conference or talk show. If terrestrial return is to be realized, it is likely that TV Asahi's "London Hearts" will be the dominant force.

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Jun uploaded a video on the morning of the 11th to the YouTube “Ronbu Channel” opened last November. "It's very easy for Ryo to return to YouTube when he comes back, but there's a lot of annoying terrestrial program staff waiting. I don't want to choose to be able to return easily from YouTube. And then I want to make it appear on YouTube. "

In June of last year, Jun set up LONDONBOOTS Co., Ltd. [L company] on November 1 to return to work for Ryo, who was punished by Yoshimoto Kogyo after the dark business problem. . On January 10 this year, Yoshimoto announced Ryo's resignation. It became clear that L and Yoshimoto signed an exclusive agent contract, and it was decided that Ryo would be active as a member of L.

In the afternoon of this day, Atsushi also talked with Yoshimoto as President of LONDONBOOTS Co., Ltd. on a live broadcast of the cultural broadcast "Jun Tamura's NewsCLUB." He said that he was dealing with "direct sales", which became a problem in dark sales last year. He laughed, saying, "It's no wonder that a 46-year-old is going to set up a performing arts office. In addition, there is only one ossan whose affiliation is blonde and subject to discretion."

He explains that he belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo. He held a meeting with Ryo and revealed his intention to stand on stage. "First of all, if I could have a talk live, I would like to tell Ryo what I wanted to say and hit him in front of the customer. I would like to have a conference and talk with them."

If the resumption is terrestrial, it is likely that Combi's only regular "London Hearts" will be there. One of the original programs was a special program for Christmas last December, where Ryo's home location video was broadcast. At the time of the interview at the daily sports, Jun said, "The most memorable program."

TV Asahi has no plans to appear on the 10th, but a TV official said, "I can't imagine anything other than 'London Hearts' in the place of Rombud's resurrection. It's no wonder that there is no appearance in "The Great Operation to Pull Out. It can be laughing that Ryo appears over" endangered species "discovered by draining the pond."

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