Ryo to return to Ron Har

On the 10th, TV Asahi commented on Ryo's upcoming program appearance on the 10th, following the announcement of a comedy combination, Ryo Tamura [48], London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 [48].

Ryo, along with his partner Jun Tamura [46], is a regular on the station's variety show, "London Hearts" [Tuesday at 11:15 pm], but hasn't appeared on the show since last June.

According to the station, Ryo's return to "Long Har" was "not currently scheduled to appear." Regarding appearances on other programs, he commented, "We will judge carefully while watching the future situation."

On this day, Yoshimoto Kogyo sent a fax to the press and reported that “ London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 Ryo Tamura have signed an exclusive agent contract with their affiliated company LONDONBOOTS Co., Ltd. '' . Ryo resumed his activities as a member of LONDONBOOTS on the 10th. The agency and Yoshimoto Kogyo have signed an exclusive agent contract to manage the talent themselves, and Yoshimoto Kogyo will support Ryo's performing arts activities through agent work.

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