Ryo Yamura "Brain is sharp. Correct mistakes immediately" Coach evaluation

US Basketball NBA Wizards coach David Adkins said in an interview on the team's official website that he recalled Riki Yamura's play so far, saying, "I'm very smart. I can quickly correct any mistakes." ..

Mr. Adkins came to Japan after Hachimura was elected in the draft last June, and accompanied the Japanese national team until the September World Cup China tournament and practiced shooting together. Since then, he has always watched one-on-one and watched the growth of Yamura.

Immediately after the start of the match, most of the players matched up for the first time, so I had Yamura check the other team's players before the match. For Yamura, who came to the United States from university, there were many players who played for the first time, and most of the 25 games in the opening stage saw the opponent's video. "The most important thing for a young player is to know them well. You have to become familiar with all the opponents' roasters." Then, this time, I watched my play video and corrected it. "There were a lot of technical reviews such as footwork, how to use hands in defense, positioning, and awareness."

Mr. Adkins brought up Yamura in the first year to the point where he was active as the main force of the team. He left the groin injured for about a month and a half, but all the games he played have started. There were times when I was struggling because the score didn't increase due to the pressure of the first round of the draft, but I was able to regain my confidence by showing the images of the games that played an active part. "NBA players are the best athletes in the world. Sometimes they lose confidence, so I say when I have to say hard and sometimes I praise and say, "You're a great player." The NBA will be restarted by 22 teams on July 31st. The 9th place Wizards in the eastern region slipped to 8th place by 5.5 games. While receiving "Ame and Whip" by Mr. Adkins, Yamura led the playoff advancement in the reversal, ending the turbulent first year.

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