Ryo Yoshizawa Musical's first challenge "Scary" directed by Yuichi Fukuda

Ryo Yoshizawa [26] found out on 27th that he would make his first musical attempt at the "Producers" [November 9-December 6, Tokyu Theater Orb in Shibuya, Tokyo]. In the role of an accountant [double cast with Takuro Ohno], who works in combination with the producer of the musical world Yoshio Inoue [40], who will play a combination with the downfall producer, he will challenge the high wall before starring next year's NHK taiga drama "I hit the blue sky".

"Producers" is a musical version of the movie released in 1968. Mel Brooks, the director of the film, was responsible for script writing, directing and composition, and was awarded in 12 categories in the 2001 Tony Award. The comedy depicts Broadway's fallen producer Max teaming up with a faint accountant, Leo, to come up with a scam that tricks the stakeholders into investing in the worst musical production ever. It has also been staged twice in Japan, and this time the production will be directed by Yuichi Fukuda.

I have experience with the stage, but the first musical is Yoshizawa, "I'm scared. Everyone is a very talented person, it's a very popular program, Mr. Fukuda. I wanted to do a musical someday, so be ready before the actual production I want to challenge. " A break with good performance and good-looking performances from last year's NHK serial TV novel "Natsuzora". He is the most powerful actor who first made his first appearance in Taiga and stopped the position of starring.

He says that he is going to voice training now, and says, "Mr. Inoue is a big star in the musical world, and Mr. Ohno is also doing various musicals, so I'm only anxious about being inconspicuous. "I don't want to do that."

On the other hand, Inoue said, "I hope that you can get such a chance. It is the biggest challenge in 20 years." Ohno said, "When I got notified in New York, the time stopped," Eh, I was so excited to jump up. " Haruka Kinoshita and Jiro Sato co-star.

Ryo Yoshizawa à la carte

▼ 2009 Received a light-on award from 3151 people at the “Amuse National Audition” that my mother applied for.

▼ 12 years Attention as the role of Kamen Rider Meteo in the TV Asahi series "Kamen Rider Fourze" series.

▼ 13 years The first drama starring in the TBS drama “Bussen”.

▼ 18 The Japan Academy Award for New Actor in the movie “River's Edge”. Starring in the movies "Marmalade Boy" and "That's Toriko."

▼ 19 years In the NHK continuous television novel “Natsuzora”, he played Tenyo, the first heroine's first lover who plays Suzu Hirose, and became popular. In 2009, he announced that he will star in the role of businessman Eiichi Shibusawa, who is known as the father of Japanese capitalism, in Taiga "She hit the blue sky".

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