Ryohin Keikaku,the Chinese enterprises in the”Muji”trademark infringement in the High Court if the losing party

*15:15JST Ryohin Keikaku,the Chinese enterprises in the”Muji”trademark infringement in the High Court if the losing party

“Muji”brand, known for Japan’s leading retail・Ryohin Keikaku, the mainland Chinese company trademark by the company of”trademark infringement”of the appeals received in the trial, which the Beijing High Court in Ryohin Keikaku is lost.

In addition, the Beijing High people’s court, the Japanese company Ryohin Keikaku, against the”Muji”trademark held by Beijing MIAN 田公 responsible for reparations to such as about 1000 million yen ordered to pay to the ruled. Ryohin Keikaku is”original”even though the trademark has lost his or.

This decision is,actual store sales, not only official online shop”MUJI Muji online store”and the company had contracted China’s leading online shopping site・Alibaba’s e-Commerce website,”Tmall[Tian cat]”, some products”Muji”of logo use can.

This trial drama is 2001 years 4 months 28 days back. Ryohin Keikaku is in China,”Muji”trademark for the. At the same time, Hainan Nanhua Mabuchi Industry Trade., Ltd. also,”Muji”is registered. But the company in 2004 MIAN Tian to transfer. MIAN rice fields in 2011,”Beijing Muji”to establish, in 2015,Japan’s Ryohin Keikaku to patent infringement and sued.

Beijing High Court is the defendant[Ryohin Keikaku]is a bath towel, face towel, bath Mat etc., the plaintiff[MIAN Tian]logo similar to the”Muji”,”MUJI Muji”,”Muji MUJI”, using the plaintiff’s trademark infringement is determined. However, this trial is 24 sheets [fabrics]relating to the registration, the Advanced plan is the other product from the”Muji”trademark continues to be used.

In 2018, the provinces of the judgment in the losing party of the decision, and the quality plan, subject to appeal, the Beijing High Court appeal was. However, the High Court of”first instance verdict to comply with”and.

Currently, the online of”Muji MUJI official shop”, the product trademark is”influence”to get rid of products from the”Muji”design removed.

In mainland China, Ryohin Keikaku, not only this design mimics the”Muji”of the name retailers that are near 30 you.

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