Ryohin Keikaku,the high-speed bus passenger and cargo consolidators in the Chiba・Kamogawa agricultural products in Ginza sale

Muji, a nationwide advanced planning is 17, a fast bus passenger and cargo consolidators to take advantage of Chiba Prefecture Kamogawa city in harvested produce, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza”Muji Ginza”to sell the demonstration began. Kamogawa city produce branding purposes, 3 the end of full time / entry level headquartered in the bus company of Nitto traffic in conjunction with the Continue.

【Here】Ryohin Keikaku,Joetsu and partnership agreement in the summer naoetsu SC to Niigata one of the largest stores opened to

Kamogawa production of agricultural products, transport of 安房鴨川-Tokyo, between which runs the Nitto Kotsu highway bus”system issue”, and every Monday and Thursday for 2 times, lemon and high-speed bus of the trunk space to load it to transport. Sales of Muji at Ginza 1st floor of the produce Department is doing.

Ryohin Keikaku is in 2018, which reopened Kamogawa City Sun of the General exchange terminal”the village of MUJI not only the hometown of the”designated administrator of, and the produce and sale of local products,urban and rural exchanges, such as the development. Everyone of the village development workshop in advanced planning and local producers,companies Kamogawa production of agricultural products using the products of research, development, and branding to promote.

Passenger and cargo consolidators in Tokyo transport Kamogawa production of agricultural products to Tokyo for the consumer to know and at the same time, to reduce transport costs and lower prices in fresh produce provide the future branding of a foothold to aim with. Kamogawa city producers and sales cost can be reduced and the small farmers of the burden can reduce the benefits.

Passenger and cargo consolidation, a declining population in the route maintenance difficult by local bus and rail routes to transport certain income, to bring been utilized. However, long-range operation of Express bus in urban consumption of fresh produce can carry that from, Takashimaya Department store,nationwide NACF,Ehime Prefecture, iyo iron bath such as is utilized starting from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and transport is also operational efficiency from the viewpoint of the deployment years. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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