Ryojun Ishihara Tears hold "Scared and gentle" Shinobu Watanabe

Yoshizumi Ishihara [58] appeared live on TV Asahi information program "Weekly News Reader" [Saturday 6:00 am] on 15th, acting as commentator, and actor Tetsuya Watari [78 years old] who died of pneumonia on the 10th I'm sorry.

Ishihara debuted in 1982 from Ishihara Promotions, whose uncle is late Yujiro Ishihara. "Yujiro Ishihara, Tetsuya Watari. I feel mysterious in such a big star of the Showa era," he said that his last job was to co-star with Yujiro, and he died on the road to dissolution of Ishihara professional. "It's a coincidence that I've died after seeing all the things about each thing, but there is a story for each one," he said. He added, "When I heard about the obituary, it seems like Watanabe. I thought I'd hear the story of the obituary in this way, but it's a disappointing news."

Regarding Wataru's existence, "I'm overwhelmingly scared. When I hear that Wataru is on a TV station, I make sure that Wataru-san isn't there before I sit down. But it's just as gentle as fear." After that, Ishihara became independent from the office, but he said, "I also treat young people and make me wonder. They are watching and caring. I think they managed to be full-scale." I thought. It was said that the last call from Mr. Watari, which was received in October last year, was the last conversation, and he said, "I saw the program I was on and said "I'm doing my best." I was very pleased."

When I heard about the obituary yesterday, I immediately called Hiroshi Tate [70]. Regarding the fact that he had already had a family funeral and had no farewell party, Tate said, “Ryoshun, that's what the top has decided. Whatever we think, the top has made the decision. It was told that it was Watanabe's will. "Mr. Tate would have been lonely, and there is something I can't believe that there is nothing like this. But the president told me that he would keep what Wata-san said. That's what I will do." I said a little.

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