Ryoka Hasegawa attends the coming-of-age ceremony "I want to leave results at the Olympics"

Swimming girl Ryoka Hasegawa [19 = Tokyo Dome] attended the coming-of-age ceremony in Tokyo on the 13th.

Hasegawa aims to participate in the Olympics two consecutive races following Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and makes up beautifully wearing bright sky blue sunny clothes. He wore a kimono with golden butterflies dancing to the Olympics year, and looked different from the pool. He participated in the ceremony with a bright expression, such as enjoying conversations with friends.

The women's 200 meter butterfly's personal best of 2:02:00 was a gold medal equivalent at the World Championships last summer. Participated in major international tournaments as the representative of Japan for the fourth consecutive year since the Rio Olympics. "I feel like I went up the adult stairs one step. I imagined that I would continue swimming at the age of 20, but I felt that I was a top player than I thought." Shy A new adult pledge is to "become an Olympics representative at the Japanese Championships in April. And I want the Olympics to do well." The next round is scheduled to be the Kosuke Kitajima Cup [Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center, 24-26].

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