Ryokan・hotel bankruptcies surge,already last year the number exceeded that Corona-related bankruptcy half

Tokyo Shoko Research Report, according to Corona-related bankrupt 7 May 31 17 in the debt-to-1000 million yen or more only in 374 cases, reaching 6 on the 103 cases,7 months is 80 out and out still at a high level. By industry food and Drink Sector 58 in the most, apparel 48 reviews, lodging business 40 today. Particularly Inns, hotels and other lodging business is an existing inbound demand has disappeared not only in the postponement was the Olympics and its legacy demand to expect upfront and the situation is compared with other industries, and also more serious to say.

Last month 17 days to Teikoku data Bank 2020 the first half of”Ryokan・hotel・the simple quarters of bankruptcy trends survey”the results of reports published, but the 20 in the first half of the National hotels and Inns such as the bankruptcy is already the previous year the number around, but the new corona virus-related bankruptcies has nearly half, accounting for seems.

20 in the first half of Ryokan・hotel・the simple quarters of the number of bankruptcies is 80 reached,already in the previous year 72 million over the momentum continues to increase. 80 cases of the new corona virus-related bankruptcies to 37 confirmed and the whole of 46. 3%and nearly half of that.

Business to another and”Ryokan・hotel”is from 73 at the most,then”the simple quarters of”6 here,”The Boarding House sector”of 1 today. “Ryokan・hotel”is a new type of Corona Effect in the event of a cancellation of reservation succession management helps make your case stand out. Inbound demand for labor shortage, the state continued, labor costs rising burden was on the capital investment burden and have a new Corona business volumes fell sharply, but now people too of State. “Friendly quarters”in the designer capsule hotel”first cabin”management of the cabin group has the management been violated.

The amount of the debt, for example, and”1 billion yen to 5 billion yen less than”is the 27 most of the entire 33. 8%accounted for. Also, this year is a”50 billion yen ~ 100 billion yen”,”100 billion yen or more”of the large-scale bankruptcies occurred, and”5 billion yen to 10 billion yen less than”,”10 billion yen~50 billion yen”in the last year increasing trend. Debt amount the top 10 companies out of 7 companies in the new type of corona virus-related bankruptcies have become.

The government is”GoTo”campaign of earlier announced the implementation of the new Corona’s 2nd wave of concern over not. Also, the already record flooding damage and landslides by area the greater the damage, with further accommodation-related business in the bankruptcy of the increase is concerned. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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