Ryoko Shinohara "Haken's dignity" 3 episodes also 2 digits 11.9%

According to a video research survey on the 2nd, the average viewer rating of the 3rd episode of the 1st broadcast of the Japanese TV drama "Hakken no daku" [Wednesday 10:00 pm] was 11.9% [Kanto district household] It was

The first episode was 14.2% and the second episode was 11.9%.

A popular drama series starring Ryoko Shinohara in 2007. While doing the job perfectly, the human pattern of Haruko Omae, the strongest temporary employee who has a close relationship with others, is drawn. Even in this work, which was revived for the first time in 13 years, familiar regular employees who work at food trading company S&F such as Hiroshi Oizumi, Takeshi Tokai, Kosuke Koizumi, Kensuke Satonaka, Ryo Katsuchi, etc. are still alive. Takemasa Tsukaji will play Ippei Uno, who is the general manager of the sales division, and Ayako Yoshitani and Maika Yamamoto will play temporary employees Aki Fukuoka and Konatsu Chiba, respectively. In addition, new employees Takashi Mita and Yutaro Ide were assigned to Johnny's Jr. Travis Japan Kaito Nakamura and Haruaki Sugino each play.

In the third episode, Ide, a new employee, posted a video taken in-house on the Internet without permission. The video taken by Aki at the employee cafeteria burns up. What was reflected behind Ide was a suspicious figure of a part-time job, Muta [Sekiseki Seiji], who was fired for company meals on that day due to cost savings. Muta's appearance, which seems to be upside down and ridiculous, has made a fuss about it being a "bait terror" purposely performed at a food company's corporate meal. Claims flooded and S&F's products were removed at the supermarket.

Around that time, S&F was trying to sell its popular curry to open its corporate food to the general public, but fell into a big pinch due to the bitter terror. In addition, Muta was in charge of the curry for sale, so it became worse immediately.

Satonaka ordered Haruko to reproduce the previous taste, saying that if the company's curry became popular again, it would be able to recover from the flame.

However, Haruko was one step away from being able to reproduce that taste. Meanwhile, Muta appears and teaches Haruko how to make curry.

Haruko brings back how to make curry for company food and saves the crisis of the company.

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