Ryosuke Yamada's “Memory to be erased” is “Mr. Yoshine…”

Hey! Say! JUMP Yamada Ryosuke [26] starred in the movie “Memoria” [Director Yuichiro Hirakawa, released on January 17 next year], and a premiere preview was held in Tokyo on the 10th.

The movie is the ultimate love story about memory. Is Yamada harsh? “I looked back at the tear scene, and when the tears came out in the crying scene, the director once again said. Co-starring Kuranosuke Sasaki [51] revealed the filming situation, "Yamada-kun is amazing, once she squeezed the faucet, she shed tears once." Director Hirayama said, “I actually used Take 1”.

On the other hand, Yamada, who was asked about “the memory I want to erase” over the contents of the movie, “The staff was able to take home the biscuits that Mr. Yoshine [co-starring] Yoshine put in with me. "I shouted."

Co-stars such as Misako Lotus Buddha [28], Rika Izumi [31], Tatsuomi Hamada [19], etc. also met.

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