Ryota Yamazato challenges the industry for the first time in Fuji special program "TV special zone"

Fuji Television is a special edition of the “22nd Century Plan” project, which has been experimenting with experimental plans at midnight. ] Was announced on the 22nd.

Make a program a program that is recruited solely based on the rules of "I really want to do it", "I have never seen it elsewhere", and "I do not go anywhere". The directors who have been in the company for a few years, who have little experience in directing, are working on this project.

The planned VTR <1> is "Monolog Thief's Monologue". This is the industry's first "memo ecstasy variety" program that allows you to peek at memos written by others you do not usually see.

The planned VTR <2> is "Japan's best looking gyoza ear" championship. The “gyoza ear” of a player who would have seen at least once in the World Cup of Rugby that made the whole country enthusiastic. In the owner of such gyoza ears. What is the best thing? Explore.

The plan VTR <3> is "Let's sometimes be washed away". Celebrities become kappa and travel by the river. Attach a small cucumber camera and rediscover the charm of Japan from a Kappa perspective.

Please plan VTR <4> for one minute. " When asked repeatedly, "Are you a TV staff member?", The second-year director, who is disgusted, creates a gorgeous relationship.

In addition, there are quizzes that will never be done during Golden Time, and a plan where a TV man who is the director's first experience will produce a popular YouTuber. Also, Seiko Ito introduces the next break entertainer who appeared on TV for the first time.

“ Anyway, there are a lot of young directors' projects that are clear only what they want to do. I don't really know what's going on.I don't really know what's going on. I think it will be for the youngest director. Fuji TV will be sending live thrills in many ways after a long absence. "

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