Ryoyu Kobayashi 2nd in consecutive podium @ World Cup jump

Ryoyu Kobayashi [Tsuchiya Home] flew 147 meters, the longest in the first run, and 134 meters in the second run, and finished in second place with a total of 283.0 points, standing on the podium after the 14th round.

David Kubatsky [Poland] won the second consecutive victory with 283.3 points of 143 meters and 133.5 meters.

Yuko Sato was 7th, Daiki Ito was 20th, Junshiro Kobayashi was 23rd, Keiichi Sato [Megmilk Snow Brand] was 28th, and Naoki Nakamura [Tokai Daisapporo-ku] was 30th. [Joint]

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