Ryudo Uzaki and Yoko Agi couple call for the appropriate number 110

On the 10th of “110th Day”, musician and actor Ryudo Uzaki and lyricist Yoko Aki became the one-day communication command director of the Metropolitan Police Department. Based on the fact that about 110% of the emergency number 110 in the jurisdiction occupies about 30%, Mr. Agi called for 110 and the police consultation dial # 9110 "I want many people to know the correct usage."

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the number of 110s received in 2019 was 1,835,800. Approximately 510,000 of these were mischievous or silent calls, or "dogs aren't returning". Less urgent queries and worries require the use of # 9110.

The two experienced a 110 reception and wireless command at the command center of the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters. Respond to the 110th supposed to be a wire fraud case, "Please calm down. I will send a police officer immediately." When asked for directions, "Please ask for the nearest police box or police station." [Joint]

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