Ryukyu Keikyo defeats Teikyo to fight for Kansai champion

The third-largest retailer in the Kanto League match afflicted the Kansai champion halfway through the second half. The development allowed two tries as soon as it started, but then took three tries and led the first half to 21-17. He conceded immediately in the second half, but regained his score to win three times. However, at the end of the physical gap, he could not stop Tenri University's attack and lost. In the first match on the 15th, he just named Venus, who beat the 9th consecutive victory of Teikyo University by 2017, 43-39. He missed his upset for two games in a row, but excited the crowd at the Holy Land Garden in Kansai.

Tatsuji Uchiyama, who has led the team since 2005, regretfully looked far away.

"It was a really good team, so I wanted to win and do it."

I squeezed the words. He could not stop Tenri University's CTB fifita entering the Sun Wolves, and despite the great fight, the final score opened. "I wasn't able to stop the key players, and Tenri-san was stronger than I expected." No8 captain Kensuke Seki [4th year, Nishi Kumamoto] said in tears, "I could win enough if I could keep the ball a little more."

Still, the battle that defeated Teikyo University and chase the Kansai champion can be fully appreciated. Uchiyama said, "We must break this barrier. We want to win the best four." I missed the first four strong entries, but Ibaraki's university left a solid footprint.

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