Ryunosuke Haga, Judo "Anyway Before" Words for high school students

Ryunosuke Haga [28 = Asahi Kasei], a bronze medal of 100-kg judo men in the 16th Rio de Janeiro Olympics [Olympic Games], sent a message to high school students following the cancellation of the National High School Sports Festival [Inter High].

On 27th, I updated my SNS such as Twitter. The title is "To all high school students", "I think that there is unfocused anger and remorse among you. I also grew up by practicing for inter-high and participating in competitions. In high school, I fought because I thought that spring high school, the golden eagle flag, and inter high [three crowns] were all in my life, ”said the high school students. Continuing on, as one of the judo artists who experienced the world stage such as the Olympics and the World Championships, "The only thing I can say is that Interhai is not the whole life. Maybe the Olympics are the same. I think it's where I set my goals. "

Following this cancellation, the stage of the highest peak of high school students was lost, but the words of encouragement were spelled out as "don't forget". "I will never lose the time and achievements I have made until now. I think it will be difficult to lose the situation when there are no tournaments, but I will definitely move forward by only switching and setting the next goal and taking action. I believe there is no doubt that this regret will be fat and strong in the future. "

At the end, I advised myself that I should pursue daily, "I think it would be good to think about what remains when I take Judo [club activity] from myself.", "If you continue your self-restraint life, I think there's a day I couldn't do anything, but don't blame yourself anyway, and just go ahead. "

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