Ryunosuke's voice is roaring / episode 4 of "Ansangu"

The fourth episode of the Fuji TV series "Ansung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacist's Prescription" [Thursday 10 pm] starring actress Satomi Ishihara [33] will be broadcast on the 6th.

Ishihara plays a pharmacist, Midori Aoi, who works at Yorozu General Hospital, struggling to regain the patient's "everyday everyday". "Ansang" means "not admired". A human drama of hospital pharmacists who support patients as unsung heroes even if not in the limelight.

In the fourth episode, veteran actor Masato Ibu [71] plays the role of being hospitalized for late-stage stomach cancer. “Without shooting for almost three months, the task of living after refraining from self-help was the role of “an elderly cancer patient who is about to die.” The death toll continues to increase around the world Now that we're dead, the story of the family conflict that surrounds the death of a human being is what we want you to see right now. You may find the answer to what you can do to reach a happy end. May be."

In Episode 4, when Midori [Ishihara] and Aya Onozuka [Ryo Narita] are having dinner at the Chinese restaurant “Daughter Meeting,” while breathing out, the door of the store opens and Juri Tatsugawa [ Kubota Sayu] was there. Even if my father, the storekeeper Shuzo Tatsukawa [Takaya Sakoda] says "Welcome back", he ignores it and goes into the back room. Midori is worried about Juri, who had a bad complexion, but her father, Shuzo, seemed to be uncertain, saying, "My old daughter will be in trouble."

However, at a later date, Juri loses consciousness and is transported to Manzu General Hospital. Juri was suffering from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are also caused by the surrounding environment, so when asked if Midori didn't change the environment, Shuzo's father, Juri's grandfather, Taichi Tatsukawa [Ibu], had a stomach cancer at the end of his life. It becomes clear that he is admitted to Tsu General Hospital.

On the other hand, the pharmacy department is in a turmoil to Ryuichi Hakura [Daikichi Sugawara], who is admitted to Manzu General Hospital due to a whiplash caused by a car accident. This was because he was the father of the pharmacy mood maker Ryunosuke Hakura [Umi Inowaki].

Ryunosuke's mother, Shiho [Sanae Miyata], who is accompanying her, is pleased with her son's hospital reunion for the first time in a long time, but Ryunosuke has a facial expression. Shiho had not told Ryunosuke in advance that Ryuichi had been hospitalized at Manzu General Hospital. Shiho said, "If you don't do this, you won't be able to meet each other," says Ryunosuke, who is always bright in the pharmacy department.

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