S13 that I couldn't let go. K & # 039; s with the owner who shared 27 years and the famous cars who supported "Cartoon Overrev!" 2 Nissan Silvia K & # 039; s Vol.3

Although the number of surviving cars is now reduced, and the proportion of tuning cars is extremely high among them, the individual introduced here is a rare one that has kept its original atmosphere despite modifying each part.

For the owner Shingo Horikoshi, this is the second S13.

The first was a car from a vocational school in car maintenance, and the owner, who was not interested in driving at that time, chose the S13 for styling.

However, when he actually drove, he felt more excited than he had imagined, and he began to enjoy driving someday.

After that, at a certain car show, I looked at S13, a tuning parts maker wearing red wheels on a white body.

It was added after a minor change, and switched to the late stage of Pearl White, which I had long wanted.

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And S13, who has been together for 27 years, seems to have attacked the circuit, cut off the scrutineering and was left unattended, but said, “ If you sell it, it is quite possible to get the individual again. It was difficult, so I kept it without letting go, "said Horikoshi.

Also, about five years ago, he began to feel more cherished and lost the desire to tune.

S13, filled with various memories, will continue to be a good partner.

The instrument panel features a specialty car atmosphere with a gently sloped center console.

The steering is Nardi Classic.

Bucket-type low-back seats are standard, but bridging vehicles have been replaced.

He said he had to roll roll cages to participate in the driving event.

The muffler is Verdina of Nismo.

Since the owner was a dealer mecha, the company seems to have given permission only from Nismo products that can be purchased with Nissan parts.

Hachimaru Hero November 2019 vol.56 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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