Sadako has a profound remark: Sherlock episode 10 highlights

The 10th episode of Fuji TV series drama "Sherlock" [9pm on Monday] starring actor Dean Fujioka [39] will be broadcast on the 9th.

Based on Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series. Dean serves as a consultant specializing in criminal investigations. Junichi Wakamiya [30] plays a buddy and psychiatrist [30], and Kuranosuke Sasaki [51] plays Reiji Eto, the police department of the Police Department.

In Episode 10, Eto [Kuranosuke Sasaki] asks Etsuo [Fujioka] to bow the case more than usual and ask him to clarify the incident. When Wakamiya [Iwata] says that the kidnapping is impossible, Eto reveals that the kidnapping was the son of Governor Shohei Seihei [Yutan Otsuru], Yusuke [Urakami Yushu]. A threatening e-mail arrived at Ukai about his son. In addition, Eto asked, and Ryuko took over by saying "reward". Wakamiya wonders. Then, Yokoo tells a meaningful word when he pays Wakamiya for his care.

Kyoko Kumiko [Maho Yamada], the subordinate of Etsuo, Wakamiya, Eto, and Eto, heads to a high school dormitory where Keisuke attends. When headed to Keisuke's room under the guidance of Tsukai Yohei [Matsushima Shogo], the second secretary of Ukai, there was the same basketball club Takeuchi [Akira Sakuma] in the same room.

Takeuchi testified that he was in the room until around 23:00 last night, but after that he also fell asleep. After that, Keisuke disappeared, but Takeuchi says, “I have not heard any noises in the room to contend with someone.” Eto and Wakamiya speculated that Keisuke and the criminal knew each other, or Keisuke himself left. However, Reiko had confirmed that there was no evidence of anyone passing through the back door. When I checked the security camera at the main gate in the office, I saw Keisuke going out.

Next, Tomoko and his team go to the basketball coach Satoshi Haida [Shuichiro Masuda]. Wakamiya, who was watching the instruction to the students, had some doubts about Haita.

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