“ Sailor Moon Challenge '' that redraws Sailor Moon with his own pattern is in a big fashion all over the world so I tried collecting unique illustrations


“ Sailor Moon Challenge '' that redraws Sailor Moon with his own pattern is in a big fashion all over the world so I tried collecting unique illustrations

Movie version"Sailor Moon EternalIn commemoration of the release, a TV anime broadcast in the 1990sSailor Moon3 series of "Sailor Moon R" and "Sailor Moon S"Free release on YouTube for a limited timeIt has been. Along with this, from around May, draw one scene of "Sailor Moon S" episode 36 with your own pattern "#Sailor Moon Challenge(#sailormoonredraw) ”Has become popular on SNS.

The hashtag "#sailormoonredraw", which has been used overseas for the challenge of drawing a sailor moon with your own design, is gaining popularity in Japan as the hashtag "#sailormoon challenge". "#Sailor Moon Challenge" was broadcast from 1994.Sailor Moon SThe challenge is to draw a scene from the 36th episode of "with your own design."

Not only general users but also manga artists and illustrators participate in the Sailor Moon Challenge.

Of the animator who was the animation director for the Sailor Moon TV anime seriesHisashi KagawaSan

"Pop Team EpicMr. Bokubu Okawa

"Moteki"ofKubo BeeswaxSan

"School rumble"ofKobayashiSan

"Fate / EXTRAAndFate / Grand OrderOf the illustrator who works as a character designerWada ArcoSan

"Ms. Takagi who is good at teasingMr. Soichiro Yamamoto of

"I want to cry with you on Thursday.Makoto Kudo of

Talent Shoko Nakagawa

"lovelive!Of the animator who served as the total drawing director inYoshida MinamiSan

"Haction Daimaou 2020Of the animator who is the character design and total drawing director inNoguchi SeitsuneSan

Assassin's Creed seriesOf game makers known forUbisoftPosted an illustration of Rabbids who cosplayed Sailor Moon.

There are various approaches, and there are people who make Ukiyo-e style illustrations …

People who make pop fan art

In the end, even the fierce men who create figures.

Some people were drawn to the design of other works. Kaiji style Sailor Moon …

Gegege no Sailor Moon

Jojo-style Sailor Moon

Nanachi-style Sailor Moon

I also saw many posts by people who said, "I drew a lot in the past!"

Even if you draw the same Sailor Moon, each author has quite individuality, and it is a fun hashtag just to see.

A similar challenge is in fashion overseas with the hashtag "#sailormoon redraw". Lady Beard, which is very familiar in Japan …

Many overseas users draw Sailor Moon with their own touch.

Even at Art Station, an art posting platform specialized for overseas games and illustrations, you can see that many illustrations are posted by searching for "sailor moon redraw". A lot of Sailor Moon illustrations with a touch that is quite different from Japan are displayed,PutinOrCoking,JokerHas also been transformed into Sailor Moon.


In addition, the fans all over the world are illustrations of the one scene of “ Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S '' episode 36, which will be released for free on YouTube from July 17th to 23rd 2020 Limited.

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