"Sake strong all night" mourns Shikoto tablets for Yuko Natori and Hiroaki Murakami

Actor Shishido, who gained popularity in a number of movies including the "Migrating Birds" series and the "Kaigun Muraicho" series, died at his home in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo on Tuesday. He was 86.

Born in Osaka Prefecture. Debuted as a first-generation member of the Nikkatsu New Face, and has been active with Asahi Kobayashi and others on the company's action movie line, which uses many young people. He became an indispensable villain and was known as "Ace Joe".

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Yuko Natori [62], an actress who co-starred in the Nippon Television drama "Pro Hunter", was always fashionable and cool, and seemed to be quick and had the style of a foreign star. I remember a gentle story.

Actor Hiroaki Murakami [63] who co-starred in the NHK taiga dramas “Shingen Takeda” and “Hideyoshi”, etc., had the impression that he was wide open at the time of Rirakura. Even when I went to a location in a local area, I could continue talking if I enjoyed the next day early. Those who have lived in the heyday of the movie as one of the driving forces of the new life Nikkatsu. How did you feel the trends of the times? Please accept my sincere condolences.

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