Sakio Akiumi's first starring starring rookie performance "Very nervous"

The starring group of the Takarazuka Revue "Genyo no Tani-The Falling New Star-" was held at the Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo on the 25th.

Born from Ishikawa and Seiryo High School, while visiting the school while attending school, Keisuke Honda said, "That is no limit. If you give up, you will lose." Passed in the challenge.

With the indomitable soul of Mr. Honda, get the long-cherished starring role. At the first center, he renewed his resolve, saying, "The lights were so dazzling. I must be used to wigs. I want to show you more in Tokyo [performance]."

From the time he stood at "No. 0" at the rehearsal hall, he decided to "take the thoughts of various people. Take responsibility."

"The moment I got on the stage, I was really nervous …" Nevertheless, he said, "The applause of the customer helped me," she finished the role of the protégé safely and smiled with relief.

This performance will showcase the home of the new top Reiko Makoto and the partner daughter, Hitomi Maizora. About one year after joining the group, there was a relationship that was overtaken in the role of thanks in a “bat” newcomer performance.

On this day, thank-you said, "I don't need to be good at it, so please come and enjoy it." I was sent out and thanked me.

The heroine is Mai Sakuraba [Sakuraba Mai] in his sixth year. He is one year from the starring Akiumi and two years older than Maizora, the top daughter of the role.

Sakuraba says, "I've been nervous since morning, and I've been nervous because I'm on the stage." "It tells me how I felt [from my practice] since the rehearsal hall, and this time it was also the announcement of the [Maiku] large theater, I was nervous together and I felt warm." .

The Tokyo Takarazuka Theater is on April 9th.

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