Sakiyoken showcases “adaptation to Setsubun” with strong habits of habit / How to ride completely professional

Will it become an ehomaki if you stretch the shiumai to beyo ~~~~~~~?ら す To dispel such questions, Sakiyoken has released a limited edition product called “Shimai Ehoman” at limited stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa. The price is 350 yen including tax.

When I actually bought it, it was about half the size of a typical Ehomaki. If you put it in your palm,Like a slender smartphoneIt is. So what is the taste?と When you cheek …

I love you

Was ──. Of course, it is written in a package-like place that "wrapped the bean paste". The skin is Chinese-style specification, but considering the contentsAlmost almostI can say that.

By the way, this "Shimai Ekataman" can be eaten as it is, but personally it is recommended to lightly rent. It is perfect if you prepare even pepper and vinegar soy sauce. Speaking early, there is no doubt if you think of it as Shimai.

── And among those who read so far,So why shouldn't I just buy Shimai?"And,"How to get on the Ehomaki of Sakiyoken is too aggressiveSome people may think.

But think carefully. It is quite common for professional cooks to think of new products for each event. Rather, it is natural to consider it as a business opportunity, and it can be said that the ability to show what was at the time [event] without breaking the concept of the company's products and show off its skills.

Take a look at Ehoman [Ehoman] at Sakiyoken.Nothing blurred. "Speaking of Sakiyoken, Syumai", there is no blur. There is so much image of Sakiyoken so that I want to say "Slightly blur". Still, speaking of Ehomaki, I guess …

Certainly,Considerably strong when considered as one of the Ehomaki. However, there is no doubt that the strong point of the habit is that "I'm talking about topics on SNS." As an extra, it is about 11cm long and can be eaten with room, so you may be taking care of food-loss places that have become a problem these days.

And that's it. In fact, Sakiyoken is not only this Ehomaki,We also sell normal Ehomaki [Koufuku Ehomaki]There is no escape from.

The price here is 730 yen including tax, and it is a normal size. The contents are vinegared rice with scallop, crab-flavored kamaboko pickled in sweet vinegar, shredded bamboo shoots, ginger kelp, omelet, rape blossoms, and sea bream. The taste balance is perfect. As Ehomaki,No habit.

After all, Sakiyoken sold the habitual Eho-maki and the royal road Eho-maki at the same time. It's like a game ball pitcher who can only throw a knuckle ball, and a fastball type orthodox pitcher who plays with two signs.

I worried about the knuckle ball of the changing ball pitcher and waved the bat [I went to make a reservation for the product], I supposedly got hooked during the operation of Sakiyoken. He knew about a delicious Ehomaki roll at the store, and just said, "Can I make a reservation for Kikufuku Ehomaki?" Sakiyoken is scary.

Reference link: Sakiyoken"Shimai Ehoman", "Kou Fuku Ehomaki"
Report:Yuichiro Kazusa

Photo: RocketNews24.

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