Sakura Gakuen Final 186cm Amaka Suppresses Under Goal

Sakura Gakuen [Aichi], aiming for the 22nd victory for the first time in three years, defeated Osaka Kaoru Jogakuin in 95-61 and decided to advance to the final.

Okagakuo Susan Amaka [2 years], a 186-centimeter international student from Nigeria, overwhelmed the goal. Rebounds scored 15 points, 6 offenses and 9 defenses, scored 19 points in the first half alone, and scored eight in the second half with less than 7 minutes.

Coach Shinichi Inoue praised the play that made use of Amaka's height, saying "that child's rebound will be saved." "When I came to Japan, I was close to an amateur, but I grew up in two years. I was a serious and bright child. There is also a desire to win a good third grader and graduate." Praised.

Regarding Gifu, who is expected to meet in the final, he said, "This year, PG and SG are solid and stable. The attack is mainly Hayashi's 3 points and Fujita's jump shot. Is the key to the game, "she warned of outside attacks by Maho Hayashi [3 years] and others.

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